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Frequently Asked Questions

Equita deal with a wide range of enforceable debts to include Council Tax, Business Rates, Parking Debts and Commercial Rent. On 6th April 2014 a new set of rules and regulations became law setting out how we must deal with cases issued both before and after 6th April 2014.



Below are questions that will help answer any queries:



I have received a Notice of Enforcement what should I do?

The Notice of Enforcement is issued on all cases on receipt of the case from our client. The notice provides you with a minimum of 7 clear days to pay your debt or contact us to discuss your debt. Costs of £75 are added to your account as soon as the case is received from our client. This is called the Compliance Stage.



What happens if I ignore the letter?

If you fail to contact us to agree payment of your debt during the compliance stage your case will be issued to a Civil Enforcement Agent who will visit your home to seek payment of the debt or seize your goods for sale at auction. As soon as the Enforcement Agent visits you will incur additional costs (see link to fees). This is called the Enforcement Stage.



I have received a letter for someone who does not live at my address, what should I do?

Equita rely on the information passed to us by our clients to be accurate. If you are not the person on the notice it is essential that you contact us immediately so we can update our records and advise our client of the same. If you know the person the letter is addressed to or have a forwarding address or contact telephone number, please let us know and we will advise our client immediately. To email this information, please click here. Alternatively you can write to us at Equita Limited, 42-44 Henry Street, Northampton, NN1 4BZ or telephone us on 0844 561 8807.



What happens when the Enforcement Agent Calls?

The Enforcement Agent will try to agree payment of your debt. If they cannot do so they will make an inventory of your goods. This is called Taking Control of Goods. You will be asked to sign an agreement postponing removal of the goods. This is called a “Controlled Goods Agreement”.



What happens if I can’t pay?

If you are unable to pay the debt in full it may be possible, under certain circumstances, to accept a short term arrangement. It is likely that the enforcement agent will visit your premises and decide what the next appropriate course of action is.


How can I pay?

Equita offer a range of payment options dependant upon the type of debt owing. Payment options include:

  • Cash to the enforcement agent
  • Credit/debit card (click here to pay online now)
  • Direct debit
  • PayPoint
  • Post office
  • Postal payments to Equita Ltd, PO Box 30, Erith, DA8 1ZJ
  • Banker’s draft/building society cheque
  • Counter payment at any of our offices

All payments must be made to Equita Ltd to include all fees and charges incurred. Please ensure that your case reference number, name and address accompanies all payments.

What happens if I pay my debt direct?

Our clients will normally redirect you to Equita if approached, but if the debt is cleared direct any fees due up to that point will still remain payable in accordance with the regulations, and if not paid an Enforcement Agent may visit to enforce any outstanding balance.



What happens if I default on my arrangement or make no further contact with Equita?

An enforcement agent may visit your property to remove goods that have been Taken Control of previously. This part of the process is called the Sale Stage. Additional fees will be charged as soon as the enforcement agent calls to remove goods (see link below).


I have a dispute relating to the debt/offence, what can I do?

Any dispute as to liability must be taken up with our client directly. Equita will not cease action on recovery of the debt unless instructed to do so by our client.



How much will I be charged?

 Equita will charge the fees and costs as detailed in the Taking Control of Goods Fee Regulations 2014. Click on the link below for full details.





Council Tax

Non-Domestic Rates

Road Traffic Debts


How can I complain about Equita and its employees?

Equita and it’s employees will endeavour to collect the debt as quickly and as easily as possible. Inevitably an enforcement agent call may be a stressful event but we expect all of our employees to act in a professional manner. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly or the enforcement agent has acted incorrectly, you should write to :

The Complaints Manager, Equita Ltd, 42-44 Henry Street, Northampton, NN1 4BZ or alternatively you can email us your complaint by clicking here.

Equita is a member of the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA), which operates a formal complaints procedure. Should you not be happy with the response provided by Equita, please write to CIVEA.

NB – CIVEA will not deal with any complaints unless you have tried to resolve the complaint with Equita first.


What if my case was sent to Equita before 6th April 2014?

 Special transition arrangements have been agreed by the Ministry of Justice for any case where we have written to and visited before 6th April 2014. For full details contact us on 0844 561 8807.



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New Regulations

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