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Debtor Advice

Equita understands that you may have questions or need advice about the debt you have outstanding. This section is designed to provide you with advice and guidance to help you discharge your debt as quickly as possible.


I have received a letter/hand delivered notice, what should I do?

The letter will include a contact telephone number and it is important that you speak to somebody immediately on receipt of the notice. If you ignore the notice you will incur further charges.


How can we help?

  • For advice on how to make a payment, click here
  • For frequently asked questions, click here
  • For advice on what happens when a enforcement agent calls, click here
  • For advice on our schedule of charges, click here


About our Enforcement Agents

All of Equita’s enforcement agents work in a uniform and professional manner and in full accordance with relevant codes of practice and legislation whilst maintaining high standards of business ethics and practice.

If you have a complaint about one of our enforcement agents, click here to complete our Complaint Enquiry Form.

Before making a complaint, we ask you to consider if your complaint is really with the conduct/behaviour of one of our enforcement agents or if you are unhappy with paying the debt itself.

All complaints received about our enforcement agents are taken very seriously. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 48 hours and aim to submit a full response to you within 10 working days.


What will happen when a Enforcement Agent calls?

The enforcement agent will carry an identity card and a certificate issued by the court and will show it on request. The enforcement agent is entitled to collect full payment of the debt including their costs or remove your goods which may be sold to clear the debt. The enforcement agents will seek to discuss with you how payment may be made.


What happens if I do not answer the door?

The enforcement agent will seek to discuss your case with you prior to removal of your goods. If you refuse to open the door or discuss the case with the enforcement agent they may remove your motor car or other goods located outside your house. If you do not have any goods the case may be referred back to the client who will seek to use other recovery options. If you ignore the enforcement agent the debt will still be there and will become more urgent.


What should I do if I wish to dispute the debt?

We will not suspend recovery action unless instructed to do so by our client. If you feel you have a dispute you should seek to resolve it with the client as quickly as possible and where possible also contact us to agree a repayment plan pending resolution of the dispute.


Which Goods Can or Cannot be Seized?

The enforcement agent will only seek to remove goods if you are unwilling to pay the debt

Goods which can be seized - The enforcement agent can only seize goods which belong to the debtor. However, the enforcement agent can seize goods which are jointly owned even if the other joint owner is not the debtor. Generally the enforcement agent cannot seize the following:

  • Goods which belong to another person.
  • Fixtures and fittings.
  • Goods on hire - purchase.
  • Goods which are rented.

In addition the enforcement agent would not seek to remove the following goods:

  • Such clothing, bedding, furniture, household equipment or provisions as are necessary for satisfying the basic domestic needs of the debtor and his/her family."
  • Such tools, books, vehicles, and other items of employment as are necessary to the debtor for use personally in their employment, business and vocation :
  • The clothes and bedding of the debtor and his/her family.
  • The tools and implements of the debtor's trade.

Where can I get advice, and should I contact an outside agency?

Before speaking to a debt management company that may cost you money you should seek independent advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Money Advisors. Details should be available from your local council or library


Remember if you ignore the enforcement agent the debt will still be there and will become more urgent

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New Regulations

6th April 2014

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